Sifilis 梅毒

Syphilis 梅毒

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the bacterium 'Treponema Pallidum'. It has often been called “the great imitator” because so many of the signs ..
Gonorea 淋病

Gonorrhea 淋病

Gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterium that can grow and multiply easily in the warm, moist areas of the reproductive tract, including the cervix...

Chlamydia 衣原体

Chlamydia 衣原体

Chlamydia infection is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in humans caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. The term Chlamydia infection can also refer to infection caused by any species belonging to the bacterial family Chlamydiaceae.
HPV & Genital Warts 人类乳头瘤病毒和生殖器疣

HPV & Genital Warts 人类乳头瘤病毒和生殖器疣

Genital warts present as fleshy cauliflower like lesions caused by HPV, the Human Papiloma Virus. Over 100 types of HPVs have been identified and about 40 of these types have the potential to infect the genital area. 人类乳头瘤病毒和生殖器疣
Herpes 生殖器和口腔疱疹

Genital and Oral Herpes 生殖器和口腔疱疹

Herpes is a very contagious disease, and is easily spread through contact with the affected area. Herpes can be transmitted not only through sexual intercourse, but also through oral and anal sex ... 生殖器和口腔疱疹

Jangkitan yang berpindah melalui hubungan seksual (STI) yang kerap didapati di Malaysia

Most Common Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Malaysia

What are the most common sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) among patients in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru? 最常见的性传播感染途径是什么?
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