Behind the Scenes with Carmen Soo

ENJOY 'Behind the scenes' video with Brand Ambassaor Carmen Soo. Carmen Soo, a Malaysian Chinese multilingual actress is a star all across southeast Asia - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan and has joined in our efforts to increase HIV awareness, promote early and routine HIV testing and timely commencement of treatment among most-at-risk groups in Malaysia.

观看亲善大使Carmen Soo视频的幕后花絮。
Carmen Soo参加 项目推广早期和常规艾滋病毒检测,提高马来西亚高危人群的艾滋病/性病意识。

Official Interview with our Brand Ambassador, Carmen Soo.

与亲善大使Carmen Soo面对面。

Carmen Soo为马来西亚民众讲解早期和常规艾滋病毒检测作为艾滋病毒有效预防措施的重要性,并鼓励大家访问 查阅最可靠的艾滋病毒资料。

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