Dr. Sharifah Faridah Syed Omar

Watch the video playlist for expert advise on HIV/AIDS by Dr. Sharifah Faridah Syed Omar, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Senior Lecturer, Univerysity Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

She obtained her MBBS from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manglore, India in 1997 and Masters in Internal Medicine from University Malaya in 2006. She completed her training in Infectious Diseases in University Malaya and has been accredited as an Infectious Diseases Physician in the National Specialist Registry . She also has a Certificate in Travel Health from the International Society of Travel Medicine (2012). She is a member of the Academy of Medicine Malaysia and various other national and international societies. She has published in peer review journals and was on the writing committee for the recent National Guidelines on the Management of HIV in Adults (2011). She is also involved in various research pertaining to infectious diseases.

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